Redfish, or Red Drum, can put up quite the fight and they are often referred to as the fish that won’t quit. Redfish can be found in abundance in the Gulf of Mexico and have become one of the most sought after fish in the shallows of Texas. These guys like to travel in schools and when the tide is low we can often see them tailing on top of the water and target them by sight fishing. Redfish get their name from their coppery bronze color that has a tinge of red color. Normally, redfish have one spot on the base of their tails but often there are several spots. Redfish can be fished all year long, but the prime time for this fish is fall when the water is still warm! The best way to catch this illusive and tasty fish is to rely on the Captains of Clear Lake Fishing Tours. Charter’s experience fishing the waters of the Gulf Coast. They truly do know these waters like the back of their hand.